At Sticky Toffee, we blend our love for simple, timeless designs with quality, sustainable fabrics. Our products are designed to be classic and casual, fashionable yet functional. Here at Sticky Toffee, we curate items for your home that are durable, easy to use and easy to care for.


We established Sticky Toffee in 2017 as the house brand of JVS Export. JVS is a textile company that was established in 1931 in Southern India. JVS is a family owned manufacturer that has been in existence for five generations. With over 85 years of weaving expertise, JVS and Sticky Toffee have developed a culture of quality, service, and innovation.

At Sticky Toffee, we manage the entire production process from thoughtful designs to sustainable materials and production. We design and manufacture a wide range of products in our family-owned facilities such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, pot holders, tablecloths, aprons, dishcloths, flour sack towels, placemats, and table runners. Our design team spans three continents to bring you a very special look that is carefully woven in our facilities in Southern India. Sticky Toffee textiles will add that sweet touch to your home with our premium quality fabrics.


At Sticky Toffee, we’ve made environmental sustainability our responsibility. We also have SA8000 certification, which is a highly-held social certification standard for organizations and factories across the globe. The company owns and operates a solar farm and several windmills which provide energy to the local electric cooperative. We produce enough green energy to offset the energy we consume in our operations.

Rainwater harvesting is another sustainable responsibility that we have adopted at JVS. This helps to alleviate the pressure on the local water reserves in the area. As a result, we save over 100,000 gallons of water every year. We encourage you to join our community or interact with us through our social media pages to learn more about Sticky Toffee products.


At JVS, we value social responsibility, and we believe that the most important asset that we have is our employees. At our factories in India, we have a reverse osmosis plant on site that provides purified drinking water to our employees. We also have a clinic and a nurse at the factories, and a physician who visits the site once every week to offer routine checkups to our employees. This ensures that our staff can have access to routine medical care and get emergency medical services whenever necessary. We also help our employees to better their lives by supporting local initiatives such as free medical camps, education and training, and women’s empowerment.


At Sticky Toffee, we value quality more than anything else and take pride in our work. All our products are woven, cut and sewn in our own facilities in India. Customers rate our items highly as a result of our uncompromising commitment to global quality standards. We ensure that utmost care is taken across all the production stages and that every product is tested to maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality textiles.

To guarantee quality, we source our raw materials from certified Oeko-Tex suppliers. Oeko-Tex certified suppliers offer enhanced product safety and sustainable production for textiles. They are safe to use by our customers and their loved ones. At Sticky Toffee, our test criteria follow the set international and national Oeko-Tex standards which exceed global standards.


Our team here at Sticky Toffee is dedicated to curating items for your home that blend durability and quality with style, sustainability, and ease of care. See how our employees help us to help you and the environment.


James joined JVS, the parent company of Sticky Toffee, in 2003 after a career in Retail Operations and Merchandising. Outside of work, James enjoys fishing and hunting with his boys in Arkansas. James is proud to work for a company that values social responsibility.


Kim has been with JVS and Sticky Toffee since 2007. Kim enjoys spending time with her family in Arkansas. She is especially proud of the quality products Sticky Toffee offers and is dedicated to ensuring our customers are happy with their choice of shopping with us.


Nicole has been with JVS and Sticky Toffee since 2016. Nicole enjoys trying new restaurants with her family in Minneapolis. She is proud to work for a company that focuses on environmental sustainability.