Halloween Recipes Tasty Enough to Haunt Your Dreams
There’s no reason at all to let kids have all the Halloween fun. Sure, it’s hard to beat a child’s excitement over dumping out a plastic pumpkin full of trick-or-treat loot and methodically sorting the sweets by categories and preference…but adults...
What Fall fun is in store for you?
It’s undeniable, the way our senses reawaken and we shift to different patterns in the autumn months. Whether it’s the smell of baking spices or fallen leaves – or a tendency to feel more connected to the cozy comforts of home and family – the season is special and often inspires annual traditions. 
Terrific Terracotta – A Surprisingly Versatile Color for Décor
You may have noticed a bold color that has steadily inched its way into a wide array of interior décor products and paint colors over the last couple of years. Terracotta is showing up in everything from small home textiles...
Introducing: Our Mixed Pack Kitchen Towel Set
What's a shopper to do when it's impossible to decide between four wonderful kitchen dish towel fabrics? Pick up our 4-pack with one of each...herringbone, waffle, flat weave and terry! Different fabrics are great for different jobs, whether you're polishing or drying.
How to Keep Everything in Your Linen Closet Smelling Good
We’ve totally been there. You go to the linen closet to grab fresh items to make the beds or stock a guest bathroom—perhaps dress up a holiday dinner with a special table runner and placemats—but your clean things smell oddly musty. You know...
Ten Fantastic Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer This Labor Day Weekend
The last days of summer are upon us, but it doesn’t mean you have to put an end to a bit of carefree fun. We’ve been brainstorming some tasty, silly, adventuresome ideas for adults or adults + kids that will bring out...
Baked Potato Bar
A Baked Potato Bar is a great way to amaze your friends and family while serving food on a budget! There is nothing better than comfort food and a hot baked potato smothered with your favorite toppings is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 
College Home Away from Home: A Shopping List for Dorm and Apartment Living
Heading off to college is such an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of preparation to make sure a new campus residence or apartment has plenty of comfortable and practical conveniences. If you’re shopping for a student, we have compiled some excellent options to make a new home away from home feel extra-special. 
What Is OEKO-TEX® and Why Should You Even Care?
Why should you care about the substances that go into the fabrics you depend upon every day? We’ve put together a brief Q&A about this topic to explain what OEKO-TEX certification is and why we insist upon it for every Sticky Toffee product we make.
Why do my dishcloths smell bad?
Do you ever wonder to yourself “Why do my dishcloths smell bad?” Damp towels are vulnerable to bacteria growth. Bacteria that feeds on grease, food particles and moisture can start to cause a musty smell. The problem becomes worse when a dishcloth is not given an adequate amount of time to dry.
What is a Hammam Towel?
Think about experiences of traveling away from home, perhaps to a nice hotel or to the residence of a friend or family member who has put extra thought into making an overnight stay special. One thing that always seems to stand out – which can be good or bad – is the quality of the bath towels and other linens. While towels can seem like one of the simple necessities of creating any comfortable home, not all towels are created equal. Hammam towels, in particular, are among the best of the best. What is a hammam towel, you ask? We thought we would share a little background.
Secrets of an Exceptional Dish Towel
Admit it, you sometimes play favorites, don’t you? It’s true, we all do it…because the truth is…not all kitchen textiles are created equal. It’s likely you have some dish towels that seem to always get pushed to the back of the drawer and never see the light of day, while others are in constant rotation. We’ve created a little Q&A to offer insight on the secrets of an exceptional dish towel – so you have an idea of just what to look for when you’re in the market for new options.
Best Summer Vacations in the USA
Summer is meant for late evenings, tan lines, and exciting vacations. Whether you are a nature lover looking to hike the Rocky Mountains or a city dweller seeking out the best rooftop, we’ve curated a list of the top spots...
Father's Day Shopping Guide
Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to seize the opportunity to show that one-of-a-kind guy just how much you truly appreciate all the things he does—not to mention his impressive skill on the grill, and (of course) the never-ending supply of dad jokes.
Special Beverages Make the Ordinary Feel Extra
One of life’s simple pleasures is lounging outside on a warm evening with a flavorful cool drink in hand. Whether it’s enjoyed against a backdrop of laughter and chatter of friends or family – or you’ve grabbed a few stolen moments of solo reflection amongst a chorus of treefrogs – a special beverage makes the ordinary feel extra. 
Introducing: Our Hammam Towel Collection
You spoke. We listened. Some of you may already have our ever so loved hammam bath towel. We heard your feedback on wanting more hammam towel pieces for your bathroom. Introducing: Our Hammam Towel Collection to complete your full bathroom linen set!
The Delightfully Easy Taco Bar
Who does not love tacos? In honor of Cinco De Mayo let’s talk about how to host a delightfully easy taco bar party. Anytime I am hosting a party of any size the meal planning is the toughest part. Creating a menu that every guest will enjoy is a difficult task whether it is a party of 4 or a party of 40. 
5 Ways to Incorporate the Practice of Gratitude into your Daily Life
Gratitude changes you and your brain. Many studies over the last decade have shown that people who count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what one has. This can be a spontaneous feeling, but research has demonstrated that putting this into a conscious practice can have many social and personal benefits. 
Sticky Toffee Website Relaunched!
We're excited to announce that after several months of work, the Sticky Toffee Textiles US website has been relaunched!
Sticky Toffee Spring Reading List
While we are waiting for the last snowflakes to melt and the grass to turn green again, here are some book recommendations to help you get through the final stretch before Summer! Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell Malcom Gladwell is...
Meet Kim
Meet KimSticky Toffee Director of Product Development What do you do for Sticky Toffee? I am the Director of Product Development for Sticky Toffee, and because we are a small company, I do a lot of different things. I oversee...