Sticky Toffee

Where does design inspiration come from?

We are sometimes asked how we come up with our ideas for designs of our products. It seems simple enough to us but from the outside, it may appear mysterious. Let’s see If we can remove some of that mystery, and perhaps you’ll gain some insight you can use in your own decorating adventures.

Design isn't as unique as you'd think.

The boring part of the process is that we look for gaps in the market that we can address. But when you really stop to look, there are very few original ideas. Somebody somewhere has probably already thought of the design theme, color combination, or pack size that looks like an opportunity. More often than not, this part of the process is just an exercise in confirming suspicions. We go for a walk around the neighborhood to see what our neighbors are up to, then we run home and start the fun part of figuring out what WE want to do. Having quickly looked around, now it’s time to get down to business. We look for inspiration in books and magazines, online and in stores. Just like you may have a friend whose style you really appreciate, we also have certain places that speak to us. The trick is often in seeing something in one context but being able to apply it to another. A “real life” example of this would be seeing the joy your dogs get in running around at the park and realizing that maybe your kids could use a little more exercise, too.

Design is everywhere.

Design inspiration can come from a lot of places. Museums, parks, boutique stores with an eclectic design sense, even movies or shows you watch. Once we are sufficiently inspired, we have to translate those ideas into words and pictures so we can collaborate as a team to create tangible pieces. Sometimes this goes back to boring, like debating how many pieces of something to put into a pack or what the retail price of it should be. But through the process, we try to let the creativity come through. Too often today in the mass market, dollars and cents dictate what you are actually allowed to choose from, and in our world, it’s usually just the cents that dictate it. Recognizing this, we try to make our work affordable and still desirable. If that means it costs just a little more to make, we decide which is more important, the money or the “wow” someone gets from the product. Hopefully, you feel as we do, that the “wow” is a little more important.

Look around. Stop and listen. Think quietly.

Having fun with the process is really what it’s all about. Look around. Stop and listen. Think quietly. Sticky Toffee should be easy to imagine in your home if we’ve done our jobs correctly. Have a question for us or want to share how you decorate with Sticky Toffee in your home? Tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #stickytoffeehome. We love to hear from our customers.