Where did "Sticky Toffee" come from?

Where did "Sticky Toffee" come from?

From time to time our friends and fans will ask us where we got the name for our brand. After all, "Sticky Toffee" isn't something we hear that often here in the US. But just like our country today is made up of immigrants from around the world, the story of Sticky Toffee's name has a truly international flavor.

The parent company of Sticky Toffee is JVS Export, a fifth-generation family owned textile company based in Madurai, in southern India. JVS's roots go all the way back to the 1930's, but by the late-1980's the company began expanding operations outside of India. Eventually our first overseas office opened in the United Kingdom, and a few years later our United States office was established.

The JVS business for many years involved manufacturing goods for other companies' brands. But late in the first decade of the 2000's, one of our UK customers asked if we could provide products with our own brand name.

Our colleagues in the UK are a creative bunch and they did their research to find a name that reminded them of all the joys of home. They describe sticky toffee pudding as the quintessential British dessert. Its origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but no matter who invented it, it's warm and rich and symbolic of good times at home.

Believing they had found their inspiration, our colleagues borrowed the name for their favorite dessert, developed a logo, and began designing textiles that fit the name. For a few years the brand was available only in the UK market, and then when we here in the US decided we wanted in on the fun, we brought the brand name over the pond and introduced the United States to Sticky Toffee Textiles.

Today, Sticky Toffee Textiles are designed for the US, UK and European markets by our talented international design team. We cater to each market's tastes and sensibilities, and we remain true to the ideal of our name sake--a warm treat reminiscent of good times at home with family and friends.

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