What is a Hammam Towel?

What is a Hammam Towel?

Think about experiences of traveling away from home, perhaps to a nice hotel or to the residence of a friend or family member who has put extra thought into making an overnight stay special. One thing that always seems to stand out – which can be good or bad – is the quality of the bath towels and other linens. While towels can seem like one of the simple necessities of creating any comfortable home, not all towels are created equal. Hammam towels, in particular, are among the best of the best. What is a hammam towel, you ask? We thought we would share a little background.

Q: What is a hammam towel?

A: Inspired by the culture of traditional Turkish hammams (spa-like steam bathhouses that date back to the mid-1400s) modern hammam towels have several characteristics that make them a very popular choice. They typically feature a classic striped pattern with fringed edges and are made from thirsty, lightweight fabric. Originally woven on traditional hand looms, hammam towels – such as those now made by Sticky Toffee Textiles today – are created to be high quality and long-lasting.

Q: What makes hammam towels so good?

A: While hammam towels boast a beautiful, simply styled home-spa vibe, it is perhaps their versatility and functionality that makes them a favorite textile. The weight of hammam towel fabric is intentionally light and fast-drying, so they work perfectly for a range of purposes both at home and on the go. Hammam towels are usually generously oversized, yet their less bulky fabric takes up surprisingly little storage space when folded. More available room in linen closets, gym lockers or beach bags is an added benefit!

Q: What are hammam towels made of?

A: Hammam towels are most commonly made from woven, low-lint cotton fabric that is lightweight, extremely absorbent and durable. Sticky Toffee hammam towels feature a smooth front that looks crisp and neat when folded, but the backing of the fabric is a very soft terry weave designed to trap plenty of moisture and drips straight out of the bath, shower, or favorite swimming hole. We believe it’s also important to note that Sticky Toffee products are made using 100% Oeko-Tex cotton, which means every towel we offer has been tested and verified as free from harmful chemicals and synthetics that could harm your skin. What is NOT in your textiles is just as important as what is in them.
what is a hammam towel

Q: How do you clean hammam towels? 

A: The more hammam towels are properly washed, the softer and more luxurious-feeling they can become. It is recommended to always wash new towels before using them for the first time, which helps open up the cotton fibers to be more absorbent. 

Clean them in warm water to break down soil, oils and germs – and don’t overdo the amount of detergent. While fabric softener or dryer sheets may sound like a good way to ensure towels are as soft and fluffy as possible, it is actually best to skip using them. Fabric softeners often contain silicon that can prevent towels from soaking up water properly...the whole purpose of the towel! To ensure towels maintain their full absorbency, consider occasionally adding a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine rinse cycle to break down excess detergent that can start to build up in the fabric over time.

Always be sure to completely dry towels of any kind in order to avoid mustiness that can occur if they are folded and stored while still slightly damp. A dryer setting of medium heat should be perfectly sufficient; for best results, remove and fold the towels immediately after they are fully dry to avoid wrinkles.  

Q: What sizes do hammam towels come in?

A: Hammam towels have traditionally been created to serve as oversized bath towels. However, given the popularity of the fabric style and weight, it is now possible to find matching hand towels and washcloths to complete the look and functionality of any home bathroom.
Hammam towels are a simple way to enjoy one of life’s little luxuries in the comfort of your own home – an affordable investment in a beautiful necessity that will stand up to daily use and enjoyment for years to come.