Textile Storage and Organization

Textile Storage and Organization

Did you know every kitchen needs at least a week’s supply of dish towels and dish cloths? Having a good quantity on hand means you can swap out these important kitchen necessities daily for clean textiles that will look much nicer than the rumpled, dirty, damp ones. But even more importantly, replacing your kitchen towels and cloths daily helps you avoid giving a home to bacteria that can make you and your family sick. For those of us who can’t get to the laundry pile more than once a week, having a minimum of eight of both items is key: one for each day plus an extra, in case you encounter an unexpected mess. That means a need for some good textile storage and organization that enhances rather than detracts from your kitchen space.

Default storage for dish towels and cloths is generally a drawer somewhere in the kitchen, which is certainly a fine option. However, drawers tend to be some pretty valuable real estate—and also have a way of getting disorganized easily. If you have collected kitchen textiles that match your décor and make you smile, why hide them away? Look for fun containers like baskets or tubs that match your style, and display those linens to reinforce your personal vibe. An added benefit of using open containers is fabrics will have the opportunity to "breathe" and stay fresher than when they’re shut away in a drawer. Plus, when items are in plain sight, it’s much easier to remember to change them out daily.

The area immediately under wall cabinets is often completely wasted space. If you are in need of a bit more easily accessible storage, hanging baskets offer a great solution. Moveable wire baskets that slide on and off bottom cabinet shelves are both simple and affordable. If you want to hang baskets from cabinets with doors, be sure choose an option that will lie flat against the shelf as you slide it into place. Rounded metal designs may keep your doors from closing fully.

Another pretty counter-top option that utilizes accent items as storage is kitchen crocks. Any extra-large crock with a wide opening offers a plethora of ways to keep your surfaces neat and tidy while adding a pretty pop of color. We especially like this heavy ceramic utensil holder by ZONESUM, which features a cork mat base to keep it from sliding or damaging countertops or tables. Simply roll up your kitchen towels and arrange them upright, like a textile bouquet. These gorgeous kitchen accessories aren’t just for spatulas and slotted spoons!
No matter what creative way you find to store and even proudly display your kitchen textiles, always remember to rotate in new towels and dishcloths daily—and wash the used ones in hot water to kill any germs that have accumulated in the fibers. And don’t forget, to avoid mustiness or mildew, never put away clean linens that are even a tiny bit damp.