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Sticky Toffee Website Relaunched!

We're excited to announce that after several months of work, the Sticky Toffee Textiles US website has been relaunched!

Going into all the details will probably be a bit boring and technical, so let's just say that we wanted to make it faster for you to use, easier for you to shop, and better for us to provide customer service.  And we think we nailed it!

When we launched Sticky Toffee in the US in 2017, our goal was to make life easier for our customers.  Quality products at reasonable prices.  Goods that would stand the test of time, whether you're using them as decor or utility.  Products that are simple to care for.

We realized last year that our website did not live up to the same promise as our products.  Shopping it was tough for our customers and it was tough for us, so we set out to do something about it.

On the customer-facing side, we've made it easier to find the items you're shopping for.  Images and information will load faster for you.  When you're ready to buy, we've added new payment methods that help automate the process and get you on to the next task on your list.

On our side, we've automated a number of the "back-end" functions that have to be managed to ensure that you have a great experience with us.  Fulfillment of orders, notifications about shipping status, and our current stock levels are all much easier to manage now.  That means better customer service for you!

A physical store owner learns new things every day based on what works and what doesn't.  In the same way, our little US team learns new things every day.  Sticky Toffee is still very much a young company in the way we bring products to market.  We are an online exclusive retailer.  We have to overcome the fact that our customers don't get to directly see, touch, and feel our products until they actually get them into their hands--which means they have to trust us enough to actually buy them first!

What a big responsibility, when you really think about it.  We're thankful every time somebody new agrees to take a chance on one of our products.

With our newly redesigned website, we've reduced the barriers to earning your trust, with easy shopping and quick checkout.  Customer service remains a top priority as well.

If you have a chance, let us know how we did!  We're always open to feedback.  Thanks for stopping by!