Meet our New Selection of Cozy Throw Blankets

Meet our New Selection of Cozy Throw Blankets

It’s time for one of our favorite things—and that’s to announce a brand-new group of products we’ve been working hard to launch! We listen to what you have to say and take to heart the kinds of home textiles you want and need. One thing is for sure, everyone LOVES having a great selection of cozy throw blankets located throughout their home, available to grab for wherever and whenever a bit of relaxing might take place.

We’re very pleased to show you two gorgeous new fabric choices, both of which come in four neutral colors to enhance any home or aesthetic. 

Our new Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket made of layered lightweight muslin fabric is neatly hemmed on the sides and features a pretty fringe on each end. The fabric we’ve chosen for this throw blanket has a natural, lightly wrinkled effect that looks both effortless and casual. The special technique used to weave our muslin results in an exceptionally soft, breathable product that’s perfect year-round. And because our products stand up to lots of use, this throw blanket works in settings ranging from the couch to the beach…and everything in-between.
The second new option we’ve launched is our Woven Cotton Slub Throw Blanket, which is all about great texture. The weave of the fabric for this product incorporates slightly twisted yarns that produce occasional soft lumps to add thickness and offer a wonderful, soft feel. The purposeful irregularity of the breathable weave provides a casual, classic accessory—always beautiful draped over a loveseat or folded at the end of the bed.

As with all of our products, we strive to design timeless options that will complement a home for years, as well as make excellent, tasteful gifts. And, one thing we never compromise on is our product safety standards—everything we make is Oeko-Tex® certified, so you know anything you purchase from Sticky Toffee Textiles is free of harmful chemicals.

While we’re on the topic of throw blankets, we thought we’d share a little extra information about this great category of products found in nearly every home:

What’s the difference between a throw blanket and a regular blanket?

Throw blankets are intended to be smaller than a blanket designed to cover a mattress. Simply put, they’re meant to be small enough to toss (throw!) over a chair or roll up to fit in a basket—but large enough to tuck around most people for some comfy R & R. The standard size for throw blankets is 50” x 60”, perfect to serve as a room accessory or accent textile without creating too much bulk or requiring excess storage space.

What makes a great throw blanket?

Most people agree the best throw blankets are made from all-natural fiber textiles (versus synthetics) that are fairly lightweight and easy to layer—perfect to take a little chill off during any season of the year without weighing you down. All Sticky Toffee throws are woven from 100% cotton that is soft and breathable, yet durable enough to stand up to daily use and many machine washes and tumbles through the dryer. 

When you’re looking for the right throw blanket for your home, be sure you seek Oeko-Tex certified products. Because blankets touch the skin of anyone who uses them, it’s important to know undesirable substances used by some manufacturers aren’t present in the fabric.

How do you care for a throw blanket?

Cleaning experts say most of us don’t wash our throw blankets as often as we should. It’s recommended that you wash them every two to four weeks, depending upon how you’re using them. If you bundle up on the couch with food or have a pet who likes to cozy up with you, err on the side of washing more frequently. If your throw blanket is purely intended to be a pop of color in your room décor, then you can go longer between washings. 

If you’ve purchased a washable blanket (check the tag to be sure it’s not dry-clean only), you should be safe putting yours in the washing machine on a delicate cold or slightly warm cycle. Don’t use too much fabric softener, as it can actually start to build up a coating that keeps water from permeating the fabric fibers and may eventually prevent it from getting fully clean. 

To prolong the life expectancy of your throw blanket, it’s recommended to dry it on low heat. Check it every 20 minutes and remove it from the dryer when it has just a bit of dampness left in it—then let it fully air dry the rest of the way before folding. This will help prevent shrinkage and keep the fibers in the fabric from breaking down prematurely.