meet james

Meet James

Meet James
Sticky Toffee President of US Operations

Meet James! He is the President of US Operations for Sticky Toffee. James has been with Sticky Toffee and JVS, the parent company, since 2003.

What do you do for Sticky Toffee?

A little bit of everything! As the leader of our US team, my primary role is to set our strategic direction and try to clear obstacles for everybody else to be able to execute that strategy. I am mildly involved in the development of product and logistics planning but above all else, I try to keep things moving functionally and financially for the group.

What is your background?

I have a degree in Administrative Management from Missouri State University, but my real life education came during my five years working for a large retailer both in the stores and in the corporate office. That experience led me to JVS, Sticky Toffee's parent company, where I have run the US operation since 2003. I've worn many hats in that role for JVS, from customer service, to product development, to research and development, marketing, sales...

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

My wife and I have three sons in their late teens to early twenties. We've spent summers on the soccer and baseball fields, vacationed in the mountains and the beaches, and enjoyed life around the house. These days we spend time together outdoors as much as we can, camping, hiking, kayaking, hunting and fishing. I'm heavily involved with a conservation group called Backcountry Hunters & Anglers that works on behalf of wild public land, water and wildlife.

What do you value about Sticky Toffee?

I really enjoy being able to work on solving problems for our customers by designing products that will delight them. Too often the beauty or value of a product gets diluted during the final process of making a product "shelf-ready". Sometimes a beautiful color gets cut from the assortment, the number of pieces in a multi-pack gets manipulated to hit a certain price point, or a great design gets eliminated just because it doesn't fit in with a legacy product already in the assortment. Having a "virtual store" eliminates some of these problems and allows us to develop products we love that we also think will solve a need for our customers.

What are some of your favorite Sticky Toffee products?

It should go without saying that my favorites are the things that get the job done! Our 9 piece sets have everything you need to outfit your kitchen--oven mitt, pot holders, kitchen towels, and dish cloths. It's also a great gift item that comes in beautiful and classic colors. I'm really excited about our growing line of table linens. The family dinner table has always been the center piece of our home. My wife and I have made it a point to share family meals at the house for as long as we've been married. When COVID hit, we noticed so many more people were experiencing this joy, sometimes for the first time in years! Our newest placemats and runners are designed to be foundational, everyday pieces which you can dress up or down depending on what life throws at you. If we at Sticky Toffee can make your life a little easier and your family times a little more special, then we've done our jobs!

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