Introducing: Our Mixed Pack Kitchen Towel Set

Introducing: Our Mixed Pack Kitchen Towel Set

What's a shopper to do when it's impossible to decide between four wonderful kitchen dish towel fabrics? Pick up our 4-pack with one of each...herringbone, waffle, flat weave and terry! Different fabrics are great for different jobs, whether you're polishing or drying.

Herringbone Weave

Our herringbone towel is made up of rows of woven parallel lines. Any two adjacent rows slope in opposite directions which creates a broken zig zag pattern that creates V shapes. This pattern is called herringbone because it resembles the bones of a herring fish. A herringbone pattern is widely used in suits, jackets, dresses and of course towels and blankets! We offer two herringbone patterns for you in our Sticky Toffee assortment.

We love our herringbone towel for a low lint, strong and durable option. They are great for polishing dishware. It is also well suited for a decorative towel as the herringbone weave gives it a texture and depth that adds some class without doing too much.

Terry Towels

A terry towel  is made up of a highly absorbent cotton material with loops. Those short cotton loops soak up a lot of liquid and trap it within the fabric. We find the terry towels are best used for countertop spills, drying dishes or drying hands. Terry towels are a customer favorite! They are known to be the most timeless, functional towel.

Flat Weave

Our flat weave towels  are truly a kitchen staple and have many uses within the home. A flat woven fabric is typically what you’ll see restaurants use for their napkins. The low lint construction makes it great for wrapping fresh bread, drying dishes and polishing glasses.

Waffle Weave

A waffle weave towel is woven in a way that gives it a three-dimensional effect and makes it look just like a waffle that it is named after. It is sometimes known as honeycomb. These towels are more lightweight and breathable. You’ll find that they have a bit of a bouncy texture to them. Waffle towels trap moisture and dry quicker than most towels. They are best used for drying hands or large pots and pans.