How to Choose the Right Bath Towels for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Bath Towels for Your Home

There are some household items that get use every single day, even multiple times a day. When considering a purchase of a product you’ll constantly see and use, it’s smart to know what qualities will make it something you will love. Bath towels are a perfect example of an item we may not think about much from day-to-day…unless we have some we really don’t care for and wish we could replace. To help you invest in what you will enjoy and use for a long time, here are some suggestions for how to choose the right bath towels for your home.

How do you select the right bath towel?

A lot of personal preferences go into selecting bath towels. Color, texture, weight, size and even what goes into the fabric all influence what works best for each person. Knowing a bit more about what you’re buying helps to narrow your selections. We’re going to focus on bath towel weight, size and fabric safety for this blog.

What is the perfect weight for a bath towel?

Some people really love an extra plush, heavy towel because it feels luxurious against the skin – but that thickness does mean a longer drying time. Others prefer a lightweight option that dries quickly and is versatile both inside and outside of the home. 

When shopping for bath towels, you should look for the grams per square meter or GSM number, which tells you a lot about the density of the fabric. A 300-400 GSM towel is light and fast-drying, whereas a medium weight 400-600 GSM towel is a common everyday option. You’ll even see 600-900 GSM bath towels that are very dense and extremely fluffy, but can hang onto moisture and smell musty if extra care isn’t taken with their storage.

The fabric we use for Sticky Toffee terry bath towels is a density of 480 GSM, to strike a perfect balance for this daily use product. Our cozy towels are thick enough to offer great absorbance, yet lightweight enough to ensure quick drying and longer freshness.

Our purposefully lightweight hammam towels offer exceptional versatility because they dry so quickly. Not only do they work beautifully at home, but they’re also perfect for the beach, by the pool or at the gym.

What are the different sizes of bath towels?

Towels actually come in a surprising variety of sizes, so it is helpful to think about what will be most appealing to the people using them. Bath towels start as small as 20 inches x 40 inches and range up to 30 inches x 58 inches. Bath sheets are a larger coverage option, typically measuring anywhere from 35 inches x 60 inches to 40 inches x 70 inches. Keep in mind that the largest towels require a bit more storage space, in case that is a limiting factor in your home.

Our hammam bath towels actually fall into the bath sheet size category, measuring a generous 35 inches x 65 inches. Because they are intentionally made from a lighter weight textile, they still fold up compactly for their size (even fitting nicely in a gym or beach bag.) Sticky Toffee terry bath towels offer very satisfying coverage, too, sized at 30 inches x 54 inches.

How do you determine if a towel fabric is safe for your skin?

As you make your choices and consider the look, feel and functionality of a textile that is going to frequently contact your skin, don’t forget to search for the OEKO-TEX seal. 
OEKO-TEX tests for a wide range of harmful regulated and unregulated substances that may be used at various stages of textile manufacturing, using a guide and criteria revised annually and kept fully up-to-date with the latest scientific findings. In addition to testing fabrics, all other elements of a textile product—such as sewing thread, accessory parts, buttons, zippers, dyes and more—must all pass in order for the finished consumer product to be certified.
According to the OEKO-TEX website, there are many concerning impacts that can come from the many chemicals regularly seen in textile product manufacturing. “Harmful substances found in or used to manufacture clothing, footwear and home textiles have been linked to neurotoxicity, liver, kidney and lung disorders, cancer and more. Chemicals used in textile production pollute rivers, oceans, wildlife and horticulture within miles of processing facilities.”
The greatest impact is on young children, elderly and those who suffer from allergies; allergic dermatitis is a very common issue.
All raw materials for Sticky Toffee products come from certified suppliers. Product safety and sustainable production for our textiles is an unwavering commitment we’ve made for our company and our customers. Nothing matters more to us than providing options for the home that are safe for every person, at every age.