Father's Day Shopping Guide

Father's Day Shopping Guide

How to Thank Your Father for the Never-Ending Supply of Dad Jokes

Father’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to seize the opportunity to show that one-of-a-kind guy just how much you truly appreciate all the things he does—not to mention his impressive skill on the grill, and (of course) the never-ending supply of dad jokes. We’ve talked to a few great guys we know to offer their guidance on the Sticky Toffee products they wish someone would send their way. Just in time to help you with your own dad, here are some solid recommendations from our Father's Day Shopping Guide:

Sticky Toffee Cotton Basic Cooking Apron with Pocket and Adjustable Tie - $15.99

Whether the dad you’re thinking of is a whiz in the kitchen, an enthusiastic grill master, or the designated dog washer, there is a good chance there are occasional splatters that don’t need to land on his clothing. Our striped apron comes in two perfectly manly colors (blue or gray) and features a generously-sized front pocket to tuck away an array of essentials. Our adjustable apron allows for a custom fit at the neck and has ample width to ensure excellent protection. We’ve designed these aprons to wash well and stand up to heavy use for a long time.

Sticky Toffee 9-Piece Kitchen Solutions Set - $29.99

Let’s face it. One of the things we always seem to hear about dad’s kitchen adventures is that he drags out and dirties practically every pot and pan in the process. Our Kitchen Solutions Set has his cooking sessions (and the impending aftermath of clean-up) totally covered, with two terry towels, four terry dishcloths, two pot holders and an oven mitt. Not only can he scrub down and dry off everything in the kitchen, our silicon-printed pot holders and oven mitts have a no-slip grip to make sure nothing going onto the stove or coming out of the oven gets dropped. Bonus: These sets are available in nine colors!

Sticky Toffee Hammam Cotton Bath Towel - $22.99

Most dads tend to put towel selections pretty low on their list of priorities…but trust us when we say that once they get their hands on our hammam towel, they undoubtedly decide to up their standards! Sticky Toffee hammam towels are one of our most popular items, made of durable cotton that is smooth on one side and highly absorbent terry on the other side. Our bath towel size is a generous 65” x 35” but the fabric is lightweight so they can be folded compactly to take up less space in the linen closet, his gym bag or camping backpack. These beautiful products come in multiple colors and are perfect for a wide range of uses. Even better, we have just added matching hand towels and washcloths to this wonderful line.

As you’re picking out just the right gift, remember that Sticky Toffee products are made using 100% Oeko-Tex cotton. We make certain everything we produce is tested and verified as free from harmful chemicals and synthetics…so it’s safe for your dad, and everyone else in your family.

And while we have you, if you’re a fan of dad jokes (admit it, they are funny) here are our ten favorites to share with the fathers in your life to make sure they’re keeping their material fresh:

How do you get a squirrel to like you? Act like a nut.
Why don't eggs tell jokes? They'd crack each other up.
How does a taco say grace? "Lettuce pray.”
What do you call it when a snowman throws a tantrum? A meltdown.
What does a lemon say when it answers the phone? "Yellow!"
What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.
“Do you wanna box for your leftovers?" "No, but I'll wrestle you for them.”
If a child refuses to nap, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
I made a pencil with two erasers. It was pointless.
What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled milk.
Yeah, OK. Those were pretty bad, but we made you smile, right?