Farewell to Naga!

Farewell to Naga!

We are supremely blessed to work with our colleagues from around the world.

It gives us a great perspective on the things we all share as people and also exposes us to some unique aspects of other cultures. The bulk of our design team lives and works in India. Priya, Naga, Dharmee, Prem, Mathan, and Keerthi make a fun team to work with and have become like the Six Musketeers. They inspire us and each other to be better people every day. A magical part of learning other cultures has been to see how men and women get married. I've personally watched as many of my colleagues in India have gotten married over the years. Last week, we were excited to learn that one of our design team will soon be leaving to pursue her married life. Naga Vithya came to our team several years ago and has developed into a very talented and dedicated designer. She brings a fun, playful attitude to her work life and reminds us every day to find joy in what we do. You will recognize her work as some of our most fun designs in the Sticky Toffee assortment. We usually feature this set of towels during the Fall of the year, so you can set the theme for your household during the most thankful of seasons!

In Spring 2018, we launched this set of towels that inspires us to be our most beautiful selves every day.

The fun side of Naga definitely came through when she selected these phrases to include in our embroidered set of flour sack towels. We're reminded to make our own way, and be sure not to take ourselves too seriously, either!

And finally, what more could I say to Naga as she sets off on the next phase of her life? This set of towels captures things perfectly.

At Sticky Toffee we are truly blessed to be able to work with such talented people from all over the world.

Selfishly we hate it when one of them moves on, but we are also excited that they will take a small piece of us with them. We are comforted that they left a small piece of themselves with us. Congratulations on your coming marriage, Naga! We wish you all the best that life has to offer!

(From left to right: Keerthi, Naga, Kim and Priya)