DIY Cotton Kitchen Towel Gift Wrap for Wine Bottles

DIY Cotton Kitchen Towel Gift Wrap for Wine Bottles

Let’s face it. Wine bags aren’t practical. They are taken off immediately and either thrown away or stored in a drawer where you will never see it again. What a waste! We’ve discovered the best sustainable, gift wrap hack ever! Give your loved one a 2 for 1 gift using our kitchen towels as gift wrap.

Watch our video above for a quick tutorial on DIY cotton kitchen towel gift wrap using one of our oversized stripe kitchen towels. We’ve also included detailed step by step instructions below.

Step 1.

Open the kitchen towel completely and lay flat. Place the wine bottle in the center with the top sticking out of the top.

Step 2.

Tuck the towel around both sides of the wine bottle so it is snug against the towel.

Step 3.

Grab both ends with either hand and scrunch up the remaining fabric.


Step 4.

Tie the ends together and double knot if there is enough fabric to secure the hold.



Step 5.

Add your own special touch like greenery or a wine bottle opener!