Current Trends in Bedding and Bedroom Design

Current Trends in Bedding and Bedroom Design

If you consider the average person spends about 26 years sleeping and an extra 10 or so years relaxing and lounging in bed over a lifetime, it seems only right that your bedroom should be a place you really love to be. Comfort is key, but atmosphere and décor are important, too—so we thought it would be helpful to look at four current trends in bedding and bedroom design to help make your own boudoir beautiful.

1.   Layered bedding is on point when creating a gorgeous, personalized look for a bedroom sanctuary. 

Airy, natural fabrics with nice texture and a tactile quality are a great choice year-round. Layered textiles offer visual interest with different colors and patterns. For households with co-sleepers who have differing temperature needs, having easily accessible, light-weight cotton blankets or pretty quilts at the foot of the bed that also double as décor is a smart choice. Bedding can offer a feeling of luxury and dimension—and should also be fully functional.

2.   Fresh, always-tasteful linen duvet covers are a fantastic complement to any taste or style.

Linen duvet covers have the amazing ability to be both stylish and exceptionally practical. Linen’s wonderful texture gets softer and more supple each time it is washed, making it feel great against skin. The look of a linen duvet cover is simple and timeless, plus it makes it easier to change the look of your bedroom between seasons. As if those benefits weren’t enough, linen is naturally bacteria resistant and wicks moisture away from the body to help keep you feeling cooler as you sleep. When you opt to use a duvet versus a comforter, you don’t need to wash the inserts as often as the cover—a big time-saving advantage if you don’t have a really high-capacity washer that can handle a bulky comforter.

3.   Mixed styles of pillows are a great, affordable way to shake things up and express a personal aesthetic.

Some of the principles of the Japanese concept of “wabi sabi” have gained favor in the design world of late, and it opens a door wide to more unique expression. The foundation of wabi sabi is to actively appreciate imperfections, embracing the idea that things can become more beautiful and charming as they age. Pillows are an easy way to incorporate new and old fabrics and styles into a more contemporary look—and they offer a way to avoid a room looking too “matchy-matchy.”  This way of thinking and decorating is not only expressive and unique, it is more sustainable.

4.   Multifunctional rooms are very on-trend, making bedrooms with clustered seating or a lounge area a hot commodity.

If you are fortunate to have a somewhat spacious bedroom, creating a separate functional area within the room is currently a very popular design option. By establishing another way to use your bedroom space, you can more fully utilize the available areas of your home throughout the day. A sitting area in your bedroom feels extra-relaxing and intimate—and can range from a simple reading nook by a window to a full sitting area to watch television, play games or just get cozy and relax in a quiet spot. Soften the furniture with cozy textile touches, like throw blankets and cushy throw pillows.

Most importantly, treat your bedroom as the place you can’t wait to relax as you shed the challenges and pressure of your day. It’s possible to create a space over time that you're anxious to inhabit—a room that feels luxurious to you because it reflects your own style and things you love, regardless of your budget.