Celebrate Motherhood

Celebrate Motherhood

Celebrate Motherhood.

2020… the year all of us moms earned superhero status! No joke, this year has tested moms on a whole new level, and we are just 5 months in. While our Sticky Toffee mom crew has worked from home for many years, we have not always had our kids home every day, ALL day and we certainly never had to be the schoolteacher and in some cases the principal. The day to day tasks can feel daunting or overwhelming at times. Homework, Housework, Work work!!! We are being pulled in so many different directions and they all deserve our undivided attention. It is a challenging time on nearly every avenue of life right now, but especially motherhood. As we go into a weekend to celebrate motherhood, I wanted to reflect on my last 5 months.

In the midst of all the chaos, I remind myself to count my blessings.

In the midst of all the chaos, I remind myself to count my blessings and when I do the mini-mes that can sometimes make me crazy are at the tip-top of my blessings list. Motherhood may look different than it did a few months ago for most of us, but it is still one of the biggest blessing in my life hands down. While I do not love having to oversee their school day schedule and have realized I will not be willingly homeschooling at any point in their future, I am soaking up the extra time I get to spend with them daily. Not only are we home all day together, our evenings and weekends are no longer packed full of practices and games for various sports. We have no place to be except right here with each other and I love it.

In some ways this feels like the way life should be.

In the fall my son will go off to college and my daughter will start high school. They are both at an age where hanging out with friends is a lot more fun than hanging out with their mom and dad. Since they are not able to do that right now, we are taking full advantage of the times by enjoying more rounds of golf, movie nights, family hikes, and nights by the firepit. We are appreciating the slower pace. In some ways this feels like the way life should be.

This weekend in unique circumstances we celebrate Motherhood and all the moms that play an amazing role in our lives. Whether it is your mom, aunt, grandma, or friend that is simply knocking motherhood out of the park, this year more than ever they deserve to be celebrated. We are slowly coming out of weeks of captivity, but because of continued social distancing guidelines in many states many of us will not be able to hug these special ladies in person. According to a survey put together by US Foods, sadly 75% of the 2000 people surveyed said there is someone in their lives they will not get to hug this year.

However, there are many ways to show our love for the selfless women who molded us into the people we are today without doing so in person. Good Housekeeping has put together an amazing list of inexpensive ways to celebrate Mother’s Day together without leaving the house, whether you are near or far.

You can also shop our Sticky Toffee collection for more amazing gifts. All of our products come packaged in cute ribbon ties that make them ready to gift on arrival.

2020 is shaping up to be a very memorable year. Some of the memories we may wish to forget but others will be treasured by our children for a lifetime. We may never get another opportunity to live this slow-paced life. Let us make the most of it. Let us make Mother’s Day 2020 as special as the moms in our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

With Love and Appreciation,

Sticky Toffee Director of Product Development