Back to School

Back to School

Where has the summer gone?!? While 2020 already feels like the longest year ever, to me it seems like the summer has flown by. In just a few days I'll be delivering my middle son to his college dorm and he'll be getting ready for his freshman year. What a crazy time to start college and go back to school!

Times of transition in our lives often put us into a nostalgic mood. This is the second child I've sent to college and we have one more remaining to get through high school. After an extended period of having all three of our boys at home, it's going to seem extremely quiet in just a couple weeks. Locally we've been blessed not to be quarantined in our homes, but our activities have been extremely curtailed. This has meant a lot more family meals, something we wouldn't have expected with three busy teenage boys during normal times!

I'm very hopeful that most of us will look back at this difficult time and be able to pick out small nuggets of joy. I know for our family, we'll reflect fondly on the extra time we got to spend with each other. I was able to enjoy hunting and fishing with each son this spring (a very socially distant activity for sure!) We took a couple of camping trips as a family that were wonderful breaks from the extra stress of life in a pandemic.

But now, it's time to start looking forward. Our children will have to live in this pandemic world and begin to make their way toward "what's next". The high school class of 2020 will certainly have a lot of unique experiences to reflect upon, and it's our job as parents to support them as they start taking those first steps into adulthood. For some they'll be tentative steps, I imagine, but I also get the sense that this group of young people is ready to break free a little bit and start trying to figure "life" out.

One of our main missions at Sticky Toffee is to make the special times of your life just a little bit better. So many of life's fondest memories happen in the kitchen or around the dinner table, and we want to be able to play just a small role by creating sustainable textiles that will stand the test of time. As you prepare to send your son or daughter back to college this fall, take a look at our Sticky Toffee 9 Piece Kitchen Set. It's one of my favorite items for back to college because it has everything you need to get things done in the kitchen. Andrew picked the dark blue set for his room, but we have a wide range of colors to appeal to almost every taste.

Be sure to enjoy what you can in these unprecedented times, and give your kids an extra hug from all of us at Sticky Toffee!