Ten Fantastic Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer This Labor Day Weekend

Ten Fantastic Ways to Say Goodbye to Summer This Labor Day Weekend

The last days of summer are upon us, but it doesn’t mean you have to put an end to a bit of carefree fun. We’ve been brainstorming some tasty, silly, adventuresome ideas for adults or adults + kids that will bring out your playfulness and create some happy memories to shine out of a challenging year. Here is Sticky Toffee’s list of ten fantastic ways to say goodbye to summer this Labor Day weekend (or just about any time of year, actually!)

What are some fun activities for kids and adults?

Set up a scavenger hunt. 

If camp is part of your memories of summers past, it’s quite likely you have fond recollections of some epic team scavenger hunting. There are so many great resources to help you organize the most amazing hunt of your own, and all the better when there’s team transportation to make the searches stretch farther afield and get more exciting or creative. Britni with PlayPartyPlan.com has developed an ultimate list of ideas, whether you’re involving kids or just adults.

Build an epic sheet fort. 

Nothing gets a kid more excited than creating temporary architectural wonders out of your furniture and bedding, BUT sheet forts aren’t just for the youngsters! Not naming any names, but we might happen to know someone who built a sheet fort in her own TV room, requiring every blanket, sheet, shower curtain, beach towel, pillow and more than 300 safety pins—then hosted a Sharknado 2: The Second One watch party and served frozen hurricanes to actual adults. We can’t really recommend the movie, but reliable sources say that particular evening’s fun is still discussed years later.

Do a DIY family or friends photo shoot. 

Capture the waning days of summer with some great photos. You don’t have to be a pro to get some pretty amazing images, given the quality of phone cameras these days. If you have an inexpensive tripod, all you need is to learn how to use your timer (there’s an app for that) and have a little plan of action. For inspiration, we suggest taking a look at a compilation of 22 photo shoot ideas from photojaanic.com. Another reason why this is a great thing to do now? You’ll have your holiday pix ready months early!

Unleash some friendly competition with your own backyard Olympics. 

The athletes may have headed home from Tokyo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the thrill of competition (and the agony of defeat) alive! The Physical Kitchness blog has a great how-to for anyone who would like to set up some amazing Olympics-inspired team fun and chaos of their own. Trust us when we assure you than none of these “events” resemble anything vaguely athletic. 

Where are the best places to go for a holiday weekend?

Find a swimming hole. 

You probably know that person who claims to have the scoop on the best local swimming hole but won’t tell anyone where it is. Thanks to an incredible online resource called Outly, you can locate details about water spots near you without the need for bribes. Don’t forget to pack plenty of towels and sunscreen, as well as a picnic lunch! (Seriously, nothing beats a tub of fried chicken consumed on a sand bar.)

Plan a short road trip adventure. 

Take a day-long journey to a place you’ve never been and look for the kitschiest tourist attractions along the way for great photo ops. Want unusual suggestions? Check out the amazing website Atlas Obscura, the self-proclaimed “definitive guidebook and friendly tour-guide to the world’s most wonderous places.” Find interesting articles and plot an itinerary to strange or unique places using the site’s geographic search.

What do you serve on Labor Day?

Create an ice cream sundae bar. 

Give the calorie and carb counting a little break, and go all in. If there are kids involved, this will be an occasion they’ll never forget. Count on the fact that adults are also unable to resist the lure of sprinkles, little candies, hot fudge, caramel, fruit, granola and more, just waiting to become a towering creation of edible art. If you want to take this particular scene to pro level, make your own ice cream. From the folks at Delish, here are 45 homemade ice cream recipes to make you look like a genius. Count on the fact that things are going to get a little messy, so having an apron on hand could be a smart move.

Host a happy hour with summer-inspired ingredients. 

Whether you decide to go the frozen concoction route or prefer to try your hand at some swanky mixology, summer gardens and farmers markets provide the perfect ingredients to serve up fresh flavors to cool down a few guests. To properly toast the end of summer, we suggest checking out an impressive compilation of 60+ cocktail recipes from Country Living.

Make a batch of sun tea. 

Raise your hand if you planted mint and have seen it attempt a complete takeover! A great way to use up a lot of that delicious (though aggressive) herb is to make a big jug of mint sun tea. Just thinking about it conjures up feelings of nostalgia, and it’s so simple to pull off with not much more than a day of sunshine. If you love peaches, we found a lovely recipe for Mint Peach Sun Tea from The Wimpy Vegetarian food blog.

How do I plan the perfect things to do next summer?

Create a “next summer” list. 

When summer begins, it always feels like the weeks and months stretching out ahead of you offer plenty of time to do all the things. Invariably life or the bank account (or a pandemic) get in the way, and you don’t accomplish everything you’d hoped. While the fun you had and the fun you may have missed this summer is still fresh on your mind, sit down with your family or friends and make a “next summer” list. Not only will you have plenty to look forward to, it can also help you remember what to do again and plan early for how to make those warm weather wishes a reality.